Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives

The Lordship of Christ & Biblical Worldview

Jesus is Lord of all and Scripture is sufficient and authoritative. That means that we aim to live and teach a biblical worldview that applies the truth of Scripture to every area of life. There is no subject that is off limits for the Lordship of Christ. Whether politics, economics, work, education, marriage, parenting, or whatever we do, the glory of God through the obedience of faith is our aim. Our vision statement is – Christ for All

Expository Preaching
We practice expository preaching, which means that we proclaim the message of the Scripture as the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. We seek to explain the meaning of the text in its context, and we call God’s people with boldness to hear, believe, and obey.

The 5 Solas
We are proud of our Reformation heritage and stand firmly on its principles:

Sola Scriptura – (Scripture Alone) The Bible alone is our highest authority
Sola Fide – (Faith Alone) We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ
Sola Gratia – (Grace Alone) We are saved by the grace of God alone
Solus Christus – (Christ Alone) Jesus Christ alone is our Lord, Savior, and King
Soli Deo Gloria – (To the Glory of God Alone) We live for the glory of God alone

We believe that the doctrines of grace are clearly taught in the Scripture and we unashamedly teach them:

Total Depravity – Man is depraved in that every part is corrupted by sin (nature, body, mind, will, emotions) so that he is totally incapable of saving himself, nor does he want to be saved. We are born rebels and enemies of God who love sin and are spiritually dead.

Unconditional Election – Those who are saved to eternal life have been chosen by God before the foundation of the earth, not based on any merit or goodness in the person, but purely on the basis of God’s own sovereign love.

Limited Atonement – Christ took upon Himself the sins of the elect, only. His sacrifice was particular and specifically for those He intended to save, which means that His death was a definite and not a potential sacrifice. Jesus’ work on the cross was definitely sufficient for all of mankind, but it was gloriously designed and efficacious for the elect.

Irresistible Grace – The grace of God is irresistible in that all the elect are made willing to receive grace in Christ by faith. No power of man can thwart the calling of God unto salvation, for the Holy Spirit makes the dead heart to live by removing the heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh that is willing to receive God’s grace.

Perseverance of the Saints – Jesus will lose none of those whom the Father has given Him. That means that all those who have been genuinely saved, will persevere in the faith and confess Jesus as Lord to the end. Those who are saved will not because the they cannot fall away since they are kept by God, secure in Christ.

We love and sing hymns. Our aim is to worship our God in a manner that is worthy of His glory in a corporate setting. Hymns provide a historical, theological, and musical platform that are superior to the majority of modern music. We do not sing all songs categorized as hymns. Rather, we seek to select hymns that are both theologically sound and musically excellent for the glory of God and the joy of believers as we sing together in a corporate service of worship.

Family Integration
We value the multi-generational makeup of the body of Christ and we love to worship as a whole church family. That means we do not separate the body into age-segregated groups, but instead welcome all ages to participate in the corporate service of worship. Additionally, our aim is to encourage and equip parents to disciple their own children at home, for which Sunday School is no replacement.

Abolition of Abortion
We believe that abortion is murder. Justice demands that we not compromise with murder, but instead we call for equal protection under the law for all persons made in God’s image regardless of age, development, location, or handicap. Murder of the unborn must be criminalized and all parties involved held responsible as violators of God’s moral law. We lament the co-opting of the “pro-life” movement by unprincipled, unbelieving, political activists who have honored human authority (especially the US Supreme Court) above the authority of God and His Word as they oppose abolishing abortion, oppose criminalizing participation in baby murder, and have kept abortion legal in this country for the sake of political and financial advantage. We seek to glorify God by promoting His standard of justice out of love for our pre-born neighbors, and we want to lovingly call brothers and sisters in Christ to join in the cause of justice. We also call the evangelical church and the pro-life movement to repent of their unjust and man-centered agendas, and to join us in actions that correspond with God’s standards of justice. Abortion must be abolished.